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Multivibe offers more choices in roller screeds than other companies, with three styles powered by Honda and one electric version.  All Honda powered roller screeds will run 300 RPM max. Pick the best option for your application. Roller Tubes for the machines are made from carbon steel not aluminum.  Roller screeds must have rail supports on both ends to operate and keep on grade.  They are used in regular concrete and can also be used in pervious concrete.

They are the easiest screed to use- even a salesman can do it.

    • WC35 with a 35cc Honda motor.  Recommended for 4.5” diameter carbon steel tube up to 16’ long.
    • WC50 with a 50cc Honda motor.  Recommended for a 4.5” diameter carbon steel tube up to 24’long.
    • WC100 with a 100cc Honda motor.  This option has plenty of power and will spin either a 4.5” or 6” diameter carbon steel tube up to 24’ long.
    • WCE is powered by a corded DeWalt electric drill.  This unit has a metal box around the drill so there is no pressure on the drill while pulling the screed.

    Wildcat Roller Tubes

    Multivibe offers two styles of roller tubes.  4.5” diameter or 6” diameter, both styles made from carbon steel which is great for concrete.   Both sizes are available up to 24’ long.  The 4.5” diameter size  is our most popular.  The 6”diameter size is a little heavier and more rigid and will move more concrete.

    The End Plugs fit in the end of the roller tubes and attach to the roller screed unit.  Our ends are not welded in the tubes. They are easy to install by turning one nut on the end plug.  Our end plugs can be taken in and out and moved from one length tube to another.



    Roller Screed Accessories

    Many contractors use a roller screed to place Pervious Concrete. Because our end plugs can be taken out easily, you can add water or sand inside the roller tube for extra weight if you prefer. 

    •  For pervious applications a roller compactor is needed.  Our PCR is a 60lb roller with a beveled end to eliminate lines.  The weight of this tool helps close up the top of pervious and is the “bull float” for pervious concrete. 
    • PCRG is a roller with a flange in the center to cut joints into pervious concrete.
    • CW850S is the counter weight.  The counter weight can be placed on the opposite end handle  to balance out the weight and to help cut concrete to grade, sometimes on the first pass.  
    • CPA Circular Pour attachment Replaces the opposite end handle and stabilizes pin in center of pour for applications such as grain bins.
    • Sliding Height Support for all Gas-Powered Wildcat Roller Screeds.
    • #OESW Opposite End Support.    #DESW.  Drive End Support
    • Hooks to roller tube and has 6” roller wheels that let the roller tube slide down when a curb or rail is higher than grade.

    Wildcat Power Screeds FAQ’s

    Why use a roller screed instead of a vibratory screed?
    Wildcat Roller Screeds are the easiest way to get concrete to grade if you can place concrete form to form.  Greatly increase production in jobs such as sidewalks, golf cart paths, and walking trails.  Pervious Concrete requires a roller screed for placement and compaction.
    Why use a counter weight?
    Multivibe is the only roller screed company to offer this option.  The counter weight allows you to have weight on both sides of the form.  This will have concrete to grade much faster.
    What style of Wildcat Roller Screed do I need?
    The size of the machine you will need depends on what size diameter roller tube and what length you want to use.