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Multivibe offers more styles of vibratory power screeds than any other company, with five styles available.

 MVPR100H.   Our most popular vibratory screed, the 2 Handle design allows control of the board with a comfortable wheel barrel style handle.  The 2X4 vibrator head is designed to work and match the speed of the Honda Engine.  Some companies will suggest running a screed at half throttle, the Honda GX35 engine is an air cooled engine and not designed to run at half throttle.  The Multivibe Power Screed will let you match you throttle speed to the slump of your concrete, finding a spot where vibration is on the board.  Multivibe hired an independent engineering firm to test vibration and passed all CE and international requirements on the vibration transferred to hands.  Some competitors put so many grommets on the bottom to isolate the vibration that the control of the board is lost making it impossible to control in stiff concrete.  With Multivibe’s rigid design, contractor has complete control over the screed and board and can be used in any slump concrete.

The 2X4 vibrator head is completely enclosed with sealed bearings and no oil making it air cooled.  This head is made to be in concrete so has easy clean up.   The screed can also be adjusted for different height operators making it user friendly.ncrete.


PR400SH.   Single Handle (sometimes called Weed-eater) style has engine behind operator.  Operator has complete control with one hand and engine weight balancing on the hip of the operator.  This eliminates all vibration to operator and gas fumes are behind operator.  Perfect for contractors who learned and love the single handle style.


 MV2HH.  The Hummer Screed from Multivibe combines the convenience of having the engine behind the operator, with also having the control of the wheel barrel handle.  It uses the same 2X4 vibrator head and same Honda motor.  This screed has a special feature, it can be unclamped and used as a wall vibrator or pencil vibrator.  One engine but two tools to use.


 CH350.  This Vibratory Power Screed works with the same vibrator head so has all the features of easy clean up and matching vibration to the engine.  The cross handle bars lets the operator stand farther away from the screed board, which gives the rakers and muckers  more room to keep the concrete close to grade.


PR100D. Our newest power screed is powered by lithium battery hammer drill for applications when gas emissions are not allowed.  Multivibe has tested with a DeWalt hammer drill in drill mode (DCD996).  This 20V battery did two loads of concrete with still half of battery life left.  Each battery should give over an hour of continuous use.   The screed has the same rigid frame, with wheel barrel type handles for complete control.  The drill we tested has 3 speeds for the drill mode, speed 1 use only to chuck up to spline or to take off from screed.  Speed 2- use the majority of the time and will run a Multivibe screed board up to 12’.  Speed 3 should only be used when needing extra vibration in very low slump concrete.


Screed Boards

This screed board offers a 3X5 Box/Triangle Design. It is offered in Magnesium or Aluminum. The box triangle design prevents warping and makes it rigid enough to go up to a 24’ extrusion. The 24’ can also be drilled for a double unit set up- Multivibe is the only company to offer this.

One thing that sets our bar apart- is the wood block inserted inside the bar. This wood block takes stress away from the hook up while distributing and giving vibration on the board from end to end. No cracking in the center on our boards. With all our years of selling boards, Multivibe has never had to warranty a board for cracking at hook up. 

The other advantage is our quick release designed lever screws, which allows you to change board without a wrench or extra tools. Brackets that holds lever screws, is attached to wood block inside the board. Competitors have metal on metal hook ups which will cause metal fatigue and cracking with vibration at the hook up site.  

L Shaped Pan Float Blade

A lighter option for those that prefer this style. Designed for wet screeding, recommended for 4” slump or higher. 

Still has the easy connect lever screw hook up and is available up to 12’ This bar works great with our PR100D for the residential contractor. This is available in Aluminum only. 



Vibratory Power Screeds FAQ’s

Can I use a power screed on any slump concrete?

Our vibratory screeds can be used on any slump.  The lower the number, the better your rakes must be.

What is the maximum length of screed boards?

Multivibe screed boards are available up to 24′.  It is recommended that duel set up (drilled for two power screeds) be used on anything over 16′.

Will a Multivibe power screed fit other screed board brands?

No, but we do have adapters for some brands.

Why do you use a vibratory power screed vs a 2x4?

Vibrating concrete will compact and create stronger concrete, while also saving back fatigue.  In other words, it makes the job easier and gives you a better finished product.

What style power screed should I use?

If you have never used a power screed, the PR100 will probably be the most comfortable and be easier to control.

Can I use any type of drill on the PR100D?

The 20V 5 Amp Dewalt Hammer Drill has been tested in the drill mode and works great.  You can try other hammer drills with the same torque and power.