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Multivibe vibrators are low friction cool head vibrators with high amplitude and will not burn up outside of the concrete.    All vibrators are powered by Honda GX35 Engines.

Available in two models: 

  • Hummer Vibrator.  #HM300CH.  Great Wall Vibrator with sealed bearing and no oil in vibrator heads.  
  • Fishing Pole vibrator. #HM41H.  Unit has a shaft that allows operator to place the vibrator head exactly where you need it.   


  • Both of our vibrators have the option of shoulder strap or harness.   Multivibe gas vibrators will be about 20 lbs lighter than a standard back pack vibrator.  
  • Contractor can customize the vibrator for the application 

Vibrator Heads: 

We offer 5 sizes of Vibrator Heads: 

  • MV800.         2”X 8”  Works great with Honda Engine – best seller
  • MV800C.      2” X8” Urethane Coated  For use in Coated Rebar Applications
  • HM13412   1 ¾” X 12” Cool Head, No oil
  • HM212        2” X 12”   Cool Head, No oil
  • HM100       1” X 12”  Great for pencil vibrator applications
  • Core & Casing can be from 2’ to 20’.   HM100 requires 1” core and casing, all other styles use the 2” core and casing. 

Gas Concrete Vibrators FAQ’s

What applications are better for the fishing pole vibrator?

Applications such as flatwork or road repair with rebar are perfect for the fishing pole.  You can put the vibrator head exactly where you need it.

Why use a vibrator on concrete?

Vibrating concrete gives you more compaction and gives a stronger PSI.  

What head is best for Styrofoam walls?

The 1 X 12 vibrator head is perfect for this application.